Petition launched to get medically trained veterans credentials to help with COVID-19

Julia LeDoux
April 08, 2020 - 3:50 pm

Photo courtesy of Team Rubicon

Veterans who served in medical roles in the military could help fight against the coronavirus and both Congress and the National Governors Association are being called on to get them the credentials they need. 

CEO and co-founder of Team Rubicon Jake Wood said his veteran-led disaster response organization created a petition on March 27 that does just that.

“Taxpayers have invested hundreds of billions of dollars to train these individuals as the world’s most nimble and effective problem solvers,” the petition reads. “In this moment of need, we are keeping them on the sideline.”

There are about 400,000 coronavirus cases in the United States. The virus has so far killed at least 12,000 Americans.
Wood said hospitals around the nation have been struggling to keep up with an increasing number of coronavirus patients. Offering competency-based credentials to military veterans with medical experience is a no-brainer, he added.
“There’s the analogy of New York City being a war zone,” he said. “Why not let people who’ve been to a war zone practice medicine here.”
Wood explained that governors could use their authority to expedite the credentialing process in the states they lead.
“There is a pathway to fix it,” he said. 
Thus far, the petition has a little more than 2,500 signatures. To be considered, 100,000 signatures are needed in 30 days.

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