Team Rubicon and Jack Link's team up to "Fuel The Front Lines"

Eric Dehm
June 01, 2018 - 11:49 am

Photo courtesy Team Rubicon

When Hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rico, news crews descended on the US territory and covered everything from amazing tales of survival to infuriating stories of bureaucratic incompetence. The spotlight of America's media shone brightly on the island, up until the moment it was turned elsewhere.

It's the nature of the 24-hour news cycle. Nothing stays in the headlines for too long, few major stories remain there for long enough. Wildfires, earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters are big front page news, but the fact it something else will eventually capture our attention. When it does, it's easy to forget that the struggle of survivors continues. 

Photo courtesy Team Rubicon

Puerto Rico is still beset with significant issues including continuing power grid failures, illnesses, a lack of clean drinking water, and so on. When was the last time you saw a story focusing on the plight of these American citizens? You may have seen the reports that Hurricane Maria is officially the deadliest natural disaster in our nation's history.But you may have missed it due to the brethless coverage of something a comedian said on Twitter that overshadowed this stunning fact. 

Puerto Rico is, to those not living or working there, old news. Right alongside the wide swaths of southeast Texas devastated by Harvey, the California wine country towns devastated by fires, the northeastern seaside communities still recovering almost six years after Superstorm Sandy and many others. Weeks, months, and years after these disasters, there's still much work to be done. 

Thankfully, there are organizations like Team Rubicon who were there at the beginning and remain committed to helping those communities. And now they've found a partner to help them ensure that the spotlight shines on Americans in need again as they've teamed up with Jack Link's for "Fueling the Front Lines" a two-week, 1,300-mile journey from Jack Link's headquarters in Wisconsin, down to Houston.

"It's really about bringing awareness," Team Rubicon Co-founder and CEO Jake Wood said of "Fueling the Front Lines" during an appearance on the Morning Briefing radio show. "How is it we can ensure these communities aren't left behind after the cameras leave and y'know the news stories end. Certainly, these people are still struggling to put their lives back together and we've teamed up with Jack Link's to make that happen."

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