Team Room Talk is Real Talk

Rod Rodriguez
February 05, 2020 - 11:16 am
Team Room Talk with Chris Mcphee

Chris Mcphee is the host of Team Room Talk, but he’s also a retired US Army Green Beret. It was his experience in Special Forces that inspired him to create Team Room Talk. The Team Room is a private place where the members of his team could speak openly about their lives, struggles, and personal journey with one another without judgment. His podcast strives to be a show where listeners can hear about the challenges and the accomplishments of entrepreneurs, entertainers, business professionals, and some times just his friends. 

What sets Team Room Talk apart is the realness of each conversation. This isn’t a show where the guest plugs their latest wares and chit-chat is made. Chris Mcphee prides himself as being a straight shooter who often challenges his guest’s perspectives and asks questions to find the deeper meaning behind what a guest is saying. It's an unfiltered conversation that can often feel less like a podcast and more like eavesdropping on a really interesting talk.

Chris is part of a very prestigious but also a very small number of Black Special Forces Veterans. The exact demographics of the Special Forces community are hard to determine but some estimates place it as low 4%.

be unreasonable to assume that Black Green Berets make up about 1% of the Special Forces community. Chris Mcphee often remarks that he’s “one of twelve” in more ways than one.

This month Team Room Talk is celebrating Black History month by talking with Black leaders from different industries and walks of life to discuss the history they’re making, today. As we prepare for our new season launch of VetStory in March, I want to share this amazing podcast with you. 

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