Taya Kyle proves the 'American Spirit' is stronger than ever

Phil Briggs
April 16, 2019 - 1:05 pm


Life can lead us through painful and lonely territory. It happened to Taya Kyle after the loss of her husband, legendary Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, documented in the book and movie, "American Sniper."

But Taya's journey uncovered a new purpose and now in her latest book "American Spirit: Profiles in Resilience, Courage and Faith" she introduces us to some remarkable Americans. And each of them has a story that can inspire us to live, love and believe in the American spirit.

To create the book she traveled around the country and interviewed hundreds of people doing positive things.  “I saw this divinity all over the country,” explained Kyle.  “And when you see that over and over, suddenly the world is not such a scary place.”

Kyle explained how each story proves the American Spirit is not only alive but it’s actually going to thrive, “You’re not going to see these stories on social media, and you’re not going to see it in the news with the loud extremes … you’ll see it when looking at your community.  I mean yes, there are going to be evil people. You can’t escape that, and it’s a fact that will be here until the day we die.  But the other side of that, is the majority … and the majority of people in America are loving each other and lifting each other up.”

The people she documented in her book range from an Air Force veteran who converted his vacant land into a community for the homeless, to famous country musicians like Zac Brown who created a summer camp for children of fallen service members and those with special needs. 

Taya Kyle’s goal is for each of these stories to show everyone that they can get involved.  “We don’t have to go out and raise millions of dollars, we just have to help someone.”

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