The 9/11 Spartan sword; forged to end veteran suicide

Phil Briggs
September 11, 2018 - 12:31 pm

The Spartan Pledge

The Spartan Pledge is a short, yet profound oath where veterans make the promise to never commit suicide.

The oath has swept across social media and vets have taken the pledge at everything from backyard-get-togethers to concerts to public places like YouTube.

Army combat veteran, author, and Spartan Pledge creator, Boone Cutler explained, “The Spartan pledge is a battle plan.  It’s what to do when you don’t know what to do, and it’s a promise to say no matter how bad things get, you will reach out.”

As each veteran brings their own story to the Spartan Pledge community, one veteran brought a powerful piece of 9/11 history.

After thousands of warfighters pledged to never take their own life, Cutler said he was touched by veterans always wanting to contribute something to the Spartan movement.  “But when Danny Prince got into the picture, a veteran and retired FDNY firefighter, he had in his possession actual metal from the World Trade Center,” Cutler said.

Having made many trips to visit recovering warriors at Walter Reed, Prince was inspired to do something when he heard reports about 22 suicides a day.  “We said, why don’t we make a sword out of the steel from 9/11?” explained Prince.  “Just the reverence and importance of that steel would mean so much more to our service men and women.”

After some research they found a swordsmith in Texas who forged the steel into the powerful symbol it is today. “We’re talking about how every warfighter in this era is there because of what happened at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on 9/11,” said Cutler.

The Spartan Pledge

Since the sword’s creation, many veterans have been able to hold it while making this important promise to their friends, families and themselves.

The Spartan Pledge

So on this day, where events we will never forget align with a month dedicated to suicide prevention, Cutler’s words have even more meaning, “We come full circle now, by creating a sword out of that tragic event … that inspires people to live.”

For more information on the Spartan Pledge click here.

The Spartan Pledge

If you’re a Veteran in crisis or concerned about one, there are helpful, qualified VA responders standing by to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. VA Crisis Line call 1-800-273-8255 and press 1.