Benefits in my Backyard: Wyoming

You’ll get a $750 fine for not closing a fence in this state.

Jonathan Kaupanger
April 20, 2018 - 12:01 pm


More than 50,000 veterans live in Wyoming. This state is the 10th largest by area in our country, but it’s the least populous one we have. The outlaw Harry Alonzo Longabaugh got his name from a town in Wyoming, you’ll remember him best as the Sundance Kid. It’s against the law to take a picture of a rabbit here between January and April. In Cheyenne, you’re not allowed to shower on Wednesdays. In Jackson, spitting on sidewalks is illegal. And in Newcastle, take note because you may not make love in a freezer.


Wyoming will not tax your military pension.

  • Property Tax Exemption.  Apply at your county assessor’s office between Jan 1 and the fourth Monday in May of each year.  Veterans living in Wyoming for at least three years may apply for this $3,000 exemption. (If it’s not used on the property, it may be applied to a vehicle’s licensing fee but the total exemption is $90.)  To be eligible for this, one or more of the following must apply:
    • Served during WWII, Korean or Vietnam Wars.
    • Served overseas during an armed conflict and received an Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal or equivalent.
    • Be a disabled veteran with a VA rated, service-connected disability.
    • Be the surviving spouse of a qualifying veteran who resides in Wyoming and did not remarry.


  • Free Tuition for War Veterans and Surviving Dependents. Wyoming provides 10 free semesters of tuition and fees for overseas combat Veterans at the Wyoming community colleges or the University of Wyoming. Surviving spouses and dependent children are also eligible if the military member died in combat. The veteran must be a state resident for one year prior to entering active duty.
  • University of Wyoming Veterans Services Center
  • Wyoming National Guard Educational Assistance Plan



  • Wyoming Department of Family Services
  • Wyoming 2-1-1 offers assistance with rent, utilities, youth programs and more.
  • Personal Financial Advisor provides free, confidential personal financial counseling for veterans and their families.  Email or call (307) 772-5362 for more information.


  • Hunting/Fishing licenses. Wyoming has several different licenses for veterans.
    • Free Fishing License for veterans with a 50 percent VA rated, service-connected disability. A one-year state residency is required.
    • Free Bird, Small Game and Fishing Licenses are available for veterans with a 100 percent, VA rated, service-connected disability. A one-year state residency is required.
    • Pioneer Veteran Bird, Small Game and Fishing License is available for any Wyoming veteran is over 65 years old and has lived in the state for 30 or more continuous years.
  • Lifetime Veteran’s Permit for use of state parks, recreation areas, archaeological and historical sites without payment of any daily use, overnight or other fee.


  • The Veterans Home of Wyoming is located in Buffalo. Valid in-state residence is required at the time of application. Dependents of qualified veterans may be admitted if less than 90 percent of the home is occupied.

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