VFW and Sport Clips team up for "Help A Hero"

Eye on Veterans
October 19, 2018 - 11:26 am

Photo courtesy Sport Clips

Just a few years ago, the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) wasn't in the business of providing scholarships to veterans. That all changed in 2013 when VFW life member Gordon Logan reached out to see how he could use his business to help veterans. The two teamed up and created the program "Help A Hero." A scholarship drive that to date has raised close to $5 million. 

Logan, an Air Force vet who served in Vietnam, opened the first Sport Clips in Austin, Texas in 1993.  There are now over 1,500 Sport Clips locations in the US and Canada. All of them are participating in what has become an annual event. 

Customers can contribute to the cause by stopping by any location and making a donation or stop in on Veterans Day when the company will donate $1 for every haircut.

Sport Clips Communications Director Amanda Palm, says this years goal is $1.5 million. A figure she believes is attainable because of how well the Sport Clips and VFW teams have meshed from the start. 

"It has been nothing but positive. We have a great relationship, we work very well together," Palm said during an appearance on the Morning Briefing radio show. "...Sport Clips came to them and we wanted to do this so we took on the responsibility of being the fundraisers."

The funds are then given to the VFW who takes care of the scholarship application, selection and distribution side of things. VFW Program Director Lynn Rolf says the support from Sport Clips couldn't be any bigger or better and expands beyond the Help A Hero program. 

"What we've seen is this company steps up and goes to homeless stand-downs and gives haircuts to veterans who are trying to get their lives back together," Rolf said. "We're able to be a small part of that. They're living the cause 100%"

You can hear the full interview with Amanda Palm and Lynn Rolf below.  

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