Delta Force veteran Brad Taylor talks new book "Hunter Killer"

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January 13, 2020 - 2:32 pm
Brad Taylor book Hunter Killer on CBS Eye on Veterans

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In this episode of CBS Eye on Veterans:

Abbie Bennet, Capitol Hill Reporter at, explains the bills in Congress that may affect veterans in 2020. Podcast Host and Army veteran Rod Rodriguez reviewed the veteran-run podcasts we should be listening to in 2020, including; Suit Soldier, The Vinny Roc Podcast and Team Room Talk.

Veteran podcasts in 2020

Our special guest this week is Brad Taylor- an Army veteran, Special Forces Officer and former Commander of the elite covert operations unit known as Delta Force.

But he’s also the best-selling author behind a long series of action novels starring the counter-terrorism commando, Pike Logan. 

Brad Taylor, Special Operations veteran and author of Hunter Killer

In our recent interview, Taylor shares details from his latest book, “Hunter Killer”. Taylor also talks about how some of the book's vicious combat was inspired by real-life events.  Plus he shares some thoughts on the current situation with Iran.

For more information about Hunter Killer and other Pike Logan novels click here  




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