Sheep Dog Disaster Relief needs YOU to help those hit hardest

Phil Briggs
October 12, 2018 - 11:02 am


The veterans who volunteer with Sheep Dog Impact Assistance (SDIA) are sure of only one thing- it's time to go to work.

"We're ready to get it done," explained Michael Nimmo, Sheep Dog Impact Assistance, Team Leader. "We've got boots on the ground already and they're telling us exactly what we need to bring."

According to their Facebook page, "The Disaster Response Team will work in southeastern Alabama and northern Florida panhandle areas conducting chainsaw operations, tree & debris removal, muck-out operations and other recovery efforts as needed. The damage in this area is extensive, and with your help, we can make a difference in the lives of those affected." Additional SDIA teams are deploying Friday from their Rogers, AR headquarters and will be in place until Wednesday, Oct. 17. 

Nimmo said this storm has created different needs than their previous mission in North Carolina, "There is a lot more wind damage with this one.  Trees literally snapped in half and homes have been blown apart, so we're going to have a lot more chainsaw work and debris clearing rather than the muck-out work we had last time."

As these veteran volunteers descend on the area to help put lives back together, they will need resources. "Monetary donations are really critical," explained Nimmo. "For the simple fact, that it gives us the flexibility to get exactly what people need. We'll need fuel and supplies to do the chainsaw work and deliver meals." Gift cards for fuel, Walmart, Home Depot and Lowes are also welcome.

The SDIA crew has not had much time to rest.  They just completed a week of disaster relief in North Carolina where they assisted over 3,000 residents, distributed 2, 419 meals, removed 235 trees and cleared 172 properties.

With 16 chapters across the country, SDIA is calling all veterans to live by the mantra they tag in their social media posts, "#GetOffTheCouch, #HelpingIsHealing and #ServiceBeforeSelf".

For more information about how you can deploy with the Sheep Dog Impact Assistance teams contact Jason Dixon, as soon as possible.

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