CBS Eye on Veterans: Great advice from SEAL vet Andy Stumpf and Jon Stewart fights for vets

Eye on Veterans
September 18, 2020 - 2:23 pm
Advice from SEAL veteran Andy Stumpf and Jon Stewart fights for vets

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Toxic Press Conference

Jon Stewart and veterans on Capitol Hill fighting for burn pit and toxic exposure legislation.

Jon Stewart and others were on Capitol Hill this week to help unveil a new bill that ensures veterans sick and dying from toxic exposures get the health benefits they deserve. But what we recorded reveals how Congress blared a PA so loud it drowned out the press conference and enraged the vets standing before them.

VIDEO: Grunt Style's 1st SGT vs Lawmakers

Special thanks to Lake View Visual LLC for catching this moment during the press conference

After the amplified Congressional event ended, Marine veteran Tim Jensen, Grunt Style Chief Strategy Officer, stepped away from the podium and confronted the Representatives as they walked by. He wasn't the only angry one in the group. 9/11 first responder and toxic exposure activist John Feal stepped to the podium and let everyone know exactly how he felt.

"Not one person on those steps stopped to talk to any of the heroes behind me. Not one person stopped! You just said America is worth fighting for. What the .... Are you kidding me? This is embarrassing!" 

Life lessons from SEAL veteran Andy Stumpf

SEAL veteran Andy Stumpf talks military, wingsuits, Kill Cliff and mental health

Andy Stumpf is a former member of the counter-terrorism unit, SEAL Team Six, and holds world records for skydiving and jumping from over 36,000 feet in a wingsuit. In this in-depth interview, he shared stories about his career inside the elite SEAL team, combat, and the events surrounding the Jessica Lynch rescue during the early days of the Iraq war. We also asked if all the news about SEAL misconduct is an indication that these units have grown out of control. 

We also talked about his record-setting flight in a wingsuit and his involvement with Kill Cliff Clean Energy Drinks. But what stayed with us, long after the interview was his powerful advice about dealing with the stress of life during this turbulent and heartbreaking year.

"Sometimes it's restlessness, and other times it's the complete inability to sleep because your mind won't shut off. You have to be objective about how you're dealing with stress ... what I would say is never be afraid to ask for help. Pursuing help and talking with people ... just continuing to refine who you are as a human being, that's a great thing." 

Check out Andy's podcast "Cleared Hot."   

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