Ronny Jackson questions mounting from all sides

Eric Dehm
April 17, 2018 - 11:10 am

Photo by Laura Hatcher courtesy of HillVets


Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson's surprise nomination (even to him) for the top position at the Dept. of Veterans Affairs raised several questions immediately. First and foremost was "who, exactly, is Ronny Jackson?" besides his service as the physician to three presidents, not much was known about the Admiral. After an interview with the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal a bit more is known about his life, and his confidence that his military service has prepared him to lead the VA. 

What's still largely unknown is how he feels about major issues facing the VA. When it comes to his opinions on how to fund the Choice program, the way forward on integrating VA and DoD health records, privatization, or any of the main items that lay waiting for the next department head, Jackson's thoughts are completely unknown. 

HillVets Founder & CEO Justin Brown appeared on The Morning Briefing and points out that along with the general public, Congress is also in the dark on Jackson's thought process. 

Brown's full appearance on the show, including his prediction for the tenor of the upcoming confirmation hearings, and a new WaPo article addressing VA "myths" can be heard in full below.

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