How truckers can make extra cash driving the same route

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August 09, 2019 - 9:27 am
Rolling Adz is seeking veteran truck drivers to partner with in all 50 states

Photo courtesy Rolling Adz


There are, generally speaking, two types of box trucks out there. You have the plain white variety, and the ones wrapped with advertisements. Rolling Adz is a company that puts those ads on trucks, and they're actively seeking veterans to partner with as they continue to expand across the country. 

Rolling Adz Founder and CEO Jonathan WolfeBarron told ConnectingVets that finding solid, trustworthy partners isn't always easy. But when he's dealing with a military vet, he knows he's dealing with someone who is mission-oriented and trustworthy. 

Rolling Adz has partners in all 50 states and is looking to add veteran drivers to their roster
Photo courtesy Rolling Adz

"They're the best drivers you could ask for," WolfeBarron said during an appearance on the Eye on Veterans radio show. "The ones who have military experience they're used to, y'know, they're given their orders and their mission for the day. 'Here's the task you need to do.' And they execute it. It's phenomenal."

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The Oregon-based company works with individuals who own their own trucks, as well as trucking fleets and are currently partnering with drivers and companies in all 50 states.  WolfeBarron says the demand from clients is there, and he needs more partners to meet it. He sees it as a win-win for the drivers, who are essentially getting bonus money for doing the same job they'd be doing without the ad on their truck. In his opinion, it's a clear win-win situation.

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"So now they have a truck that looks great," WolfeBarron said. "They have an ad on it and they're making money. And they're seen from all directions and they're literally in traffic with people and that's the audience we're trying to capture."

You can hear the full interview with RollingAdz Jonathan WolfeBarron below.


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