How a pain in the neck injects relief for PTSD

Phil Briggs
August 19, 2019 - 2:27 pm
Retired Brigadier General Don Bolduc talks about the SGB injection that treats PTSD

Bolduc / US Army / Briggs Illustration

Brigadier General Donald C. Bolduc fought through ten deployments, bomb blasts, and firefights.

Now retired, the former Commanding Officer of Special Operations Command Africa is fighting a battle against Post Traumatic Stress and TBI.

The newest weapon? A neck injection that could revolutionize how we treat PTSD.

In this episode of The CV Report, General Bolduc doesn't hold back as he shares his thoughts on mental health and the military.  How when traditional therapy did not work,  he turned to the experimental Stellate Ganglion Block procedure.  

"The stellate ganglion block is not a medication, they give you the ol' neck stick as we call it," explained Bolduc. "But I gotta tell you, my wife noticed it immediately on the drive home after the appointment.  How much more relaxed I was, how much more calm I was ... it was amazing."

Plus Libby Howe reports on a new scam targeting military and veterans and Reporter Abbie Bennet reveals new medical conditions that qualify for VA Benefits.

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