CBS Eye on Veterans: Boone Cutler on the “ReOpen America” movement, Insane Rulers & World of Warships

Eye on Veterans
May 15, 2020 - 2:31 pm
Veterans push to ReOpen America, History's Insane Rulers and World of Warships video game

On this episode:

Fighting the Power

Bob Martin owner of The Stag barbershop refuses to close during coronavirus pandemic

Bob Martin is a Marine Corps veteran and owner of The Stag Barber Shop near Seattle, Washington.  After making news in Washington, we asked him with about why he decided to keep his shop open and stand in defiance of statewide orders to remain closed.

Essential Civil Disobedience

Boone Cutler, veteran and author talks about the ReOpen America movement

Boone Cutler is a combat veteran, acclaimed author, and warfighter-rights activist.  He recently hosted the “Re-Open America” rally at the Nevada state capitol. 

Author and warfighter activist Boone Cutler on ReOpen America
ReOpen America HQ

He shared why he thinks it’s time for many parts of America to lift pandemic related business restrictions and return to work. 

Watch for Boone's upcoming books; Callsign Voodoo, PsyOp'er, and The Boone Cutler Protocols 

The Kings of Crazy!  

Author and podcast host Scott Rank talks about History's 9 Most Insane Rulers

Author and host of the podcast “History Unplugged” Scott Rank talks about his new book, “History’s 9 Most Insane Rulers” and shares true stories about the leaders who took psychotic to a new level.

Fire when ready Captain!

Wargaming's new World of Warships video game

From aircraft carrier aerial bombing missions to blowing holes in enemy ships, Wargamings' World of Warships takes WWII era naval warfare to a whole new level.  We talk with Wargaming's game developer Artur Plociennik about how this game reflects WWII and how we can play online against real Russians.

Click here to download the game for free 

Vivid images are part of the gameplay experience in World of Warships

A screen capture shows vivid images that create a unique gameplay experience. 


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