Ready to join the Army…again?

Matt Saintsing
June 15, 2018 - 1:20 pm

Photo Courtesy of National Archives

As the Army struggles to meet recruiting goals, the service is looking for more than just a few good candidates to fill critical recruiter positions, they’re looking to tap into a pool of retirees to close those gaps.

In an effort to capitalize on the hundreds of thousands of American high school students expected to graduate this month, the Army is looking for 150 retired staff sergeants and sergeants first class, who have experience as either recruiters or instructors, to give Army service another shot.

They’re also looking for some officers and warrants.

“This opportunity is a normal strength management tool used by the Army to meet critical skill requirements, while preserving unit readiness in the operational Army,” the Army’s Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) said in a statement Thursday.

The Army’s end strength is swelling up, and the need to grow training capacity is paramount. While recruiting duty can be especially rewarding (we’re told), there isn’t a line of soldiers clamoring to be recruiters. Bringing back some retirees into the ranks can help.

Army recruiting numbers have been soft so far this year. With a goal of 80,000 recruits for the year, just 28,000 signed up from January to April.

For officers, the Army is in need of ROTC professors, or small group leaders at basic officer leader courses, and captain career courses. And if you’re a former aviator, you can come back as an instructor pilot.

Returning to active duty comes with a two-year commitment, and applicants can expect the same pay and benefits afforded to all active soldiers. Bonuses, however, won’t be available for this program.

And you’ll have to meet height-weight standards.

Anyone interested should contact the TRADOC Adjutant General’s office for information and instructions by emailing here or calling (757) 501-6855/6863/6861.

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