Re-"armed" by a robot

Sensor device helps vets use paralyzed limbs

Eye on Veterans
April 10, 2018 - 11:23 am

Courtesy Myomo

We've seen how nano-computers and lightweight-but-strong materials have revolutionized prosthetics for veterans who have lost limbs.  But what about someone unable to use an arm -- even though it remains connected by skin, muscle and bone?  A Massachusetts-based medical robotics company has created a frame-like device, worn around the arm, that restores arm use to some people suffering from neurological disorders and paralysis.  It works by sensing the wearer's own neurological signals.  The company took the name Myomo -- after an early patient described the device as allowing arm movement that was "my own motion."

The company's CEO, Paul Gudonis, told us how the device has changed some veterans' lives:

There's more here about military vets using Myomo devices.

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