VetStory: Booze, brews and the President's bar tab

Phil Briggs
July 06, 2018 - 11:52 am

George Washington: founding father, monster!

Yes, it's true. 

Amanda Macias, CNBC Reporter and editor of Cork & Cannon, discovered a true story about the birth of our nation and proof that GW could throw one hell of a party.

Reporter Matt Saintsing, also introduced us to a guy that likes the libation life. Army veteran, Ryan Plachetti tells us how he went from the military to a career in beer.


In this episode:

  • GW's giant bar tab
  • What is fortified wine?
  • Who he made pay for it?
  • Ryan Plachetti: archeology, Army
  • Sterling Pig Brewery in Media, PA.
  • Whiskey Camp: What the hell is it and how do we sign up?
  • Beer tasting

Meet our guests:

Amanda "Mac" Macias, a national security reporter for CNBC who loves wine and boozy stories. Her website Cork & Cannon features "Curiosities about warfare and wine".


We could talk to Ryan Plachetti for hours.  His knowledge of Asia, archeology, yeast, barley and hops...makes him truly fascinating. (And lucky to be employed).

If you're in the Philly area, check out Sterling Pig Restaurant & Brewey and Ryan will guide through a galaxy of interesting meats and incredible craft beers.

Sterling Pig / Briggs Illustration

Sterling Pig

Matt Saintsing, can be found covering veteran stories on Capitol Hill...and anywhere fine beer is served.


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