'Pets for Vets' helps veterans find their new best friend

You don't need a service dog, just a buddy

Jake Hughes
January 17, 2018 - 3:05 pm

Everyone knows about service dogs, and how they can help disabled veterans. But a vet can benefit from even a normal dog, and one group is pairing pooches with vets.

Pets for Vets was founded in 2009 by Clarissa Black, who was looking for a way to help American veterans who were suffering from PTS and other emotional issues related to their service. The group helps vets by pairing them with what they call "companion animals."

A trainer will meet with a vet and survey their lifestyle, living conditions, and other aspects of their life. Then, they go to shelters and try to find a dog that would best match the veteran.

Sean Quigley runs the Cape Fear, NC branch. He served in the Army as a combat medic for four years. He first heard about Pets for Vets from his friend Jonah. Sean reviewed the website, read more about it, and after discussing it with Jonah, jumped at the chance to participate. He felt it was the best way to join two things he loves: dogs and helping his fellow vets.

Pets for Vets covers all the initial costs of the dog adoption process. They ensure the dog is healthy and happy, both before and after adoption. If you'd like more information, or to apply for a dog of your own, you can visit their website at www.petsforvets.com.

Listen below to our interview with Pets for Vets and learn about all they do for the military community: