This petition wants Chick-Fil-A on base — will they answer the call to duty?

Julia LeDoux
July 25, 2019 - 10:43 am
Chik-Fil-A exterior


Senior Airman Emily Carby wants to help her fellow service members eat healthier and have more time on their lunch breaks.

She's created a now viral petition on calling on military members, base workers and retirees to come together to ask the government to consider contracting Chick-Fil-A on the nation’s military installations.

“This would give base personnel better access to healthier choices, as opposed to the outdated fast food chains which currently dominate almost every single BX,” wrote Carby.

The petition has garnered nearly 90,000 signatures and is closing in on its goal of 150,000.

Chik-Fil-A meal

A Chick-Fil-A spokesperson told Connecting Vets in a statement the chain has no plans to expand onto military bases at this time.

“We will continue to look for ways to serve great food and remarkable service while supporting the military locally with events such as Military Appreciation Night, in-restaurant commemorations and more,” said the statement. 

Carby is still hopeful the petition will be successful.

“I believe the signatures on this petition will speak for themselves in regards to how many members agree with this proposition,” she wrote. “Please consider.”

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