PCSing this summer? These moving tips will put you on the right track

Matt Saintsing
May 21, 2018 - 4:13 pm



Nearly half of all do-it-yourself moves happen between Memorial Day and Labor Day, making the summer a hot time for service member’s to pick-up everything and carry it across the country, or even overseas.

As hundreds of thousands of service members have already come down on new orders, it’s important they don’t forget about the obvious moving tips and a few that aren’t as clear.

“Planning is your best ally in any move,” says Sperry Hutchinson, a spokesperson for U-Haul.  “So starting early, you can identify those things you can potentially donate or sell, so you don’t have to move everything. Moving can be a wonderful opportunity for people to streamline their lives.”

Here are some tips, Hutchinson says can make life just a little easier when move-day comes:

  • Checklist: From reserving a moving truck or trailer, to emptying and unplugging heavy appliances, there are countless tasks that can easily slip through the cracks. Keeping tabs on everything you need to accomplish will go a long way when moving.
  • Materials: The last thing anyone wants is to not have enough boxes, tape or padding when packing. U-Haul has a 100 percent buy-back program for any unused materials. So, you can make one big trip to the U-Haul store to get everything you need, without worrying if you’re wasting money.
  • Pack Properly: For anyone with military experience, packing and organization come second-nature. But, family members aren’t always in on the secret. So, the best insurance you can get is to pack your things very carefully. U-Haul offers everything from bedroom packing to dish saver kits to avoid breaking any possessions. It’s one thing if a cup or a lamp breaks, but it’s another if a more sentimental object that’s difficult or impossible to replace shatters.
  • Equipment: Hutchinson recommends using a trailer and towing it with your own vehicle, as a way to save. “A lot of people are predisposed to thinking about a moving truck first, but U-Haul was founded with trailers and we had a trailer-exclusive fleet for our first 15 years in operation. It’s a great option to save money and gas," he says.
  • Timing: Avoiding weekends, if you can, can also be a huge money-saver. Reserving a truck or trailer on a Tuesday, opposed to a Saturday or Sunday, can go a long way, says Hutchinson. And you’ll save time since the stores aren’t likely to be as busy. Moving mid-week, or even mid-month, can make a noticeable difference.

U-Haul was born out of a veteran's needs. In 1945, L.S. "Sam" Shoen and his wife, Anna Mary Carty Shoen made the move from San Diego, Calif., where Sam was discharged from the Navy, and headed up to Anna's family ranch, just outside Ridgefield, Wash. 

“They didn’t have a great way to move up there, so they came up with the idea of U-Haul as they were driving up the coast," says Hutchinson.  

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