Patriotic online marketplace brings together vetrepreneurs serves as a common marketplace for veteran-made goods

Jake Hughes
February 05, 2018 - 11:11 am

(Image Courtesy of Dreamstime)

Veteran entrepreneurs have been selling their goods on their own for years, but a new website brings all their products under one roof. 

Adam Maneen is an active-duty Army officer stationed at Fort Irwin, CA. His wife began making headbands for babies as a hobby, but eventually decided to sell them. However, when they registered on websites like Etsy, she found she was merely on of over 200,000 headband makers. "We were looking at it, and... even if you've built a better mousetrap, how do you market it? How do you get it out there?" Adam says. That in mind, plus a desire to highlight other veteran and spouse owned businesses, Adam conceptualized Patriotic Online Marketplace.

The website has worked tirelessly to bring together vet owned businesses in one easy to use marketplace. Big names in the vetrepreneur community like Grunt Style, Combat Flip Flop and Doc Spartan even particpate "High tides raise all ships," Adam quipped. But even the more "ma and pa" operations, businesses operating out of a spare bedroom by a spouse in their spare time get equal time in the spotlight. "It's always been about trying to enable military, veteran, and first-responders to sell their, often times high-quality stuff, that just want a shot. Because how are you going to compete with the 200,000 other businesses out there?"

Adam says it was as easy as reaching out to these businesses to get them on board. One factor is that pompUSA asks for no money up front. Also, they are partnered loosely with, so they have the "street cred" of a legitimate business. "For me, if you're going to buy something anyway, I would prefer buying it from a veteran, or a spouse, or a first responder. So, we're all kinda bound together by our service to this nation, and by entrepreneurship."

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