Patriot Alliance CEO: "People want companies that are standing up for their rights."

Eric Dehm
March 01, 2018 - 10:51 am

Courtesy Patriot Alliance

With the debate on gun control raging around the nation, some companies are taking steps to distance themselves from guns in general, and "assault weapons" specifically. Dick's Sporting Goods announced that they won't sell that style of rifle and WalMart won't  sell the airsoft versions modeled on the AR-15, several companies have also cut ties with the NRA.

Many people see corporations taking a stand and believing that puts them on the right side of the issue. The Founder & CEO of Patriot Alliance, Jake Greenberg, sees it very differently. 

"These things are just, in our opinion, pandering to the public to try to increase sales or to make it seem like they care," Greenberg says. "In reality, it's typically just about the bottom line for companies like this, and they feel like somehow this resonates with people. We believe the opposite, that the majority of Americans believe their gun rights are sacred and part of the backbone of how... the country came to be."

That stance might not surprise you if you've ever taken a look at Patriot Alliance's popular Instagram account. Guns, and pro-2nd amendment posts are featured heavily in both their social media presence and their line of products. Patriot Alliance is as open about their support of gun rights, as they are about their support of the veteran community and the fact that they give a portion of their profit from every sale to veterans charities like Wishes For Warriors.

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While he's open to changing and evolving the company he leads, Greenberg says those are the two aspects that will stay the same as long as Patriot Alliance is in business and changing the company's belief structure would be transparently disingenuous at best. 

"Y'know what? we're gonna support our American rights," Greenberg says. "We don't care if it's the popular public opinion in the news or whatever the case may be... there's definitely an audience for it, they want a company that's going to support their rights and we feel like that's kkind of our job to do that."

With a background in finance, Greenberg says he is fully aware that taking an unpopular stance can affect the marketplace and even spell disaster for a company. He says that in the last week the company has seen sales spike, specifically within their pro-2A products, including their newest t-shirt design featuring a unique take on the Califonia State flag.

"We're based in California, probably one of the most strict states in terms of gun laws and gun restrictions," Greenberg says. "We launched that 'Californ2A' shirt a week ago and the response we've had on that shirt has been kind of unexpected. We've sold probably more of that shirt than any other on our website in the last week."

The CEO says the demand for a shirt like this is proof positive that Patriot Alliance's stance on guns is appreciated by a significant segment of the population, a segment he's proud to be associated with. 

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