Parenting with PTSD

Researchers examine challenges faced by some vets who are also dads and moms

Eye on Veterans
June 27, 2018 - 2:14 pm

As if raising kids wasn’t challenging enough, imagine doing so while also dealing with symptoms of post-traumatic stress.  For some military vets — men and women — there’s no imagining required. 

“When a parent has symptoms of PTSD,” says Dr. Suzannah Creech, an Austin, Texas-based VA psychologist, "they’re more likely to report parent-child functioning issues like increased stress in their parenting, poorer satisfaction in their parenting, and... that their parent-child relationship is just not the way that they’d like it to be."

As the VA offers online training courses to help parents with PTSD — Dr. Creech and her colleagues are researching the problem.  She described that work to CBS Eye on Veterans:

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