Oscars pay tribute to military movies

Matt Saintsing
March 05, 2018 - 11:52 am



Sunday night’s Oscars celebration was chalk full of montages, some giving a nod to the Armed forces through the art of film. Just before presenting the Best Cinematography award, actor Wes Studi took the stage to introduce a montage about military movies.

Portions of American Sniper, The Hurt Locker, Saving Private Ryan and Zero Dark Thirty were blended together to create a powerful medley of depicting American military might.

It took a personal turn when Studi, a Vietnam War veteran, said “I’, proud to have served there for 12 months with Alpha Company of the 39th Infantry. Anyone else?,” he asked to a silent crowd.

“As a veteran, I am always appreciate when filmmakers bring to the screen stories of those who have served. Over 90 years of the Academy Awards, a number of movies with military themes have been honored at the Oscars. Let’s take a moment to pay tribute to these powerful films that shines a great spotlight on those who have fought for freedom around the world.”

Studi was 17 when he enlisted in the Oklahoma National Guard. After meeting recently returned combat veterans, Studi volunteered for active service and went to Vietnam.