NC to Normandy raising money to send World War II vets back to France

Julia LeDoux
February 04, 2019 - 11:27 am

Library of Congress


A group of North Carolina teens is raising money to send two World War II veterans who stormed the beaches of Normandy back to France.

According to WRAL, the six students, who attend Chapel Hill High School and East Chapel Hill High School, have been fundraising for several months.

“I’m Jewish, so I’ve always known a lot about World War II affecting my family in a different way than most,” Chapel Hill High School sophomore Elena Lowinger told WRAL. “I just was so excited when I got the opportunity to honor these heroes that saved my relatives. It’s a really special opportunity I have.”

The students have spent their weekends holding fundraisers, but they say their sacrifice pales in comparison to that made by the veterans of World War II.

“To think that a person would give up everything, their family, their career, what they wanted to do to go sacrifice themselves for people they don’t even know, it’s just really incredible and rally selfless,” said Kaelyn Elien, who attends Chapel Hill High School.

Army medic George Chall is one of the veterans who will be returning to France thanks to the students, who call him a super human being.

“My main job was saving lives,” the 95-year old said. “It’s very exciting, it’s also very deeply moving and brings back so many memories.”

So far, they’ve raised about $9,000 toward their goal of $25,000.

To make a donation, go to Follow the donation instructions and type NC to Normandy in the comments section and then click submit.

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