New Podcast: BEER! Episode 2: Home of the Brave Brewing Co

Matt Saintsing
January 19, 2018 - 2:57 pm

Photo Courtesy: Home of the Brace Brewing Co.

In this podcast, I sat down Glen Tomlinson of Home of the Brave Brewing Company, in Honolulu, Hi.

What we talked about:

Glen's unrelenting passion for WWII history

His tour company, brewery, museum, and brewseum

The secret knock to get into his 1942 speakeasy style watering-hole

What we drank:

Mighty American Ale, a special beer brewed for the 75th annviersary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

If you're a veteran-owned brewery, or if you have some military connection, I'd love to get you on the podcast. Or, if you have suggestions for any guests or opp-brew-tunities hit me up.