New emojis that we can get behind

February 07, 2019 - 3:14 pm

The emoji gods - also known as the Unicode Consortium - has announced 59 new emojis, plus another 171 variants for gender and skin tone.

Elsewhere, media is obsessed with the red drop of blood and the pinching hand emojis (size doesn't matter, right?), but we here at ConnectingVets were most excited about the service dogs, the prosthetic arm and leg, and the wheelchairs.

Don't get us wrong.  We love a good waffle. And the sloth emoji is so descriptive in so many ways.  But heck, the number one injury for veterans is hearing loss.  That hearing aid speaks to us. 

Unicode Consortium is the non-profit organization that  manages the world's little images that somehow convey every emotion and life moment into one "send."

Here's the video introducing all the emoji's for 2019:

Little known fact (unless you read the Bush twin's book): former President George W. Bush texts his daughter, Barbara, every morning in emojis and GIFs. It all started as a way for him to cheer her up after a tough relationship break up.  {insert emoji of your choice here}

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