For Navy vet Ken Harbaugh it's "Country over party" as he runs for Congress in Ohio

Eric Dehm
June 15, 2018 - 2:38 pm

Photo courtesy Ken Harbaugh

There are some who spend their life working in politics, there are others who come into the game later on with a list of accomplishments, hoping to use their experience to leverage change in Washington D.C. Ken Harbaugh is the latter.

Along with his time spent as a Navy aviator, Harbaugh believes he'll be able to draw on his Yale law degree, work to co-found The Mission Continues, and time spent as President of Team Rubicon to make a difference for the residents of Ohio's 7th congressional District. And he's doing it because he was extremely disappointed with what he saw from politicians in the 2016 election. 

"It was the entire election cycle and feeling like the division, and the anger, and the rancor that I saw pouring out of Washington, out of our political class wasn't at all representative of the America I had fought for," Harbaugh said during an appearance on the Morning Briefing radio show. "It certainly wasn't doing right by the memory of the buddies of mine who didn't make it home." 

Photo courtesy Ken Harbaugh

Harbaugh is quick to point out that he saw this from all sides, and that's why his campaign slogan is "Country over Party" as he says he is willing to do the right thing for the nation, regardless of whether there's an R or D after their name. In fact, that's why the Democratic candidate says he wants to see more vets running for office in both parties. 

"Vets have proven that they are going to put the country first, coincidentally representatives to Congress swore the same oath of office. It's not to a party, it's certainly not to any individual. It's to the Constitution of the United States... there's a difference though when you say those words and then you put your life on the line for them. I think that's what's missing in Congress right now. We have the lowest percentage of veterans in Congress than at any point in the modern era and I think there's a link between that and the lack of accountability we're seeing."

Harbaugh is set for a November showdown with the Republican incumbent Bob Gibbs, who has held the 7th district seat for 5 years. While Harbaugh says Gibbs is by all accounts a decent man, he doesn't believe the incumbent has done enough for the district and believes it's time for a change. Were he to win, it would be the first time a Democrat took the district since Arthur Aleshire served a single term from 1937-39.

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