Navy vet stars in CW's new "Mysteries Decoded"

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August 19, 2019 - 12:02 pm

Jennifer Marshall's life would make for an interesting TV show. She enlisted in the Navy out of the small town of Carbondale, Colorado and served as an Aviation Storekeeper for five years. She also spent time on the USS Theodore Roosevelt's Ship Security Defense Force (SSDF) team and loved it.

When it came time to get out of the Navy, the acting bug bit her. While she didn't harbor dreams of starring in, or hosting, a TV show, that's exactly what has happened.

Jennifer Marshall (left) on board USS Theodore Roosevelt
Photo courtesy Jennifer Marshall

She remained in the Norfolk, VA area while her husband continued to serve, and started acting in local commercials. She liked acting but, having enjoyed her time with SSDF, also thought about working in law enforcement. She and her husband eventually settled in Los Angeles and since then Marshall has landed some significant acting gigs including that high-profile role of Susan Hargrove (Max's mom) on the second season of Stranger Things.

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While she kept finding work in acting, Marshall was also working towards what she thought would be a more stable career: becoming a police officer. Unfortunately, an injury at the LAPD academy derailed her journey but Marshall didn't entirely let the dream go.

Navy veteran Jennifer Marshall stars on The CW's Mysteries Decoded
Photo courtesy The CW

"I said 'I still want to help in some way' so I went to private investigation (PI) school," Marshall said during an appearance on the Eye on Veterans radio show. "Because I had wanted to be a detective on the police force... over the last 5 years, I'd been working for two different PIs to earn my hours to become licensed myself. It takes 6,000 hours to get licensed in California, so I got my license and I opened my firm."

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Not long after that, a Producer approached her about combining her PI, and acting skills by hosting a new show that investigates historic mysteries. "Mysteries Decoded" currently airs Tuesday nights on the CW network and can be streamed on the CW Seed website and app. 

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