Lessons on leadership from Navy SEAL Jocko Willink

Eye on Veterans
January 24, 2020 - 4:22 pm
“Leadership Strategy and Tactics; Field Manual"

Photo Illustration by Phil Briggs

Former Navy SEAL John Willink, widely known as, "Jocko" experienced some of the fiercest fighting in Iraq. A former leader of SEAL Team Three he is now an authority on leadership.  After his time in the Navy, he co-founded Echelon Front, a leadership consulting company. Since then he's also become the host of a well-known podcast and has authored books on leadership. 

His latest book, “Leadership Strategy and Tactics: Field Manual," isn’t your typical middle management advice book talking about team building and leading from the front, its contents transcends beyond the military community. 

Willink sheds light on how to navigate real-world situations such as challenges with supervisors in the workplace and effectively reaching a resolution.

“Detaching from your emotions and taking a step back is going to allow you to make much better decisions,” said Willink in a recent interview with CBS Eye on Veterans Host, Phil Briggs.

His fierce, no-BS style makes his books and podcasts some of the most popular in the country. In “Leadership Strategy and Tactics," everyone—from white collar to blue-collar—can learn the attributes of an effective leader.

“We had this guy on the team, “Delta Charlie,” he was one of the most experienced guys in the SEAL teams at the time … and when I met him, I thought he was gonna be this big powerful guy that was going to come and tell us how it was supposed to be ... I was completely wrong,” Willink said when describing one of his SEAL platoon leaders.

“He was very humble: the platoon commander, the senior guy in our platoon, the guy with the most experience, and the most rank, he took out the garbage … that was really the personification of humility.”

Whether you're trying to learn how to better manage your employees or your household, “Leadership Strategy and Tactics; Field Manual," is the book for you. 

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