Navy SEAL turned Congressman wears badass eyepatch at State of the Union

Matt Saintsing
February 06, 2019 - 3:49 pm

The State of the Union is a time for the president unveil new policies, offer a clear vision of America’s future, and yes, to maybe temper down the confrontational rhetoric plaguing our politics. 

But, it’s also a time to unveil some new fashion. 

Former Navy SEAL and current GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw (Texas) debuted a new eye patch, which appears to be made from wood with a Navy SEAL trident near the corner. 

Crenshaw was injured and blinded in Afghanistan in 2012 in an IED blast. 

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As Texas’ youngest congressional representative, Crenshaw isn’t one to shy away from the headlines. He made waves last year when Saturday Night Live cast member Pete Davidson told a joke that some say was way over the line, mocking his eye patch. The skit went viral. 

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Rather than firing a salvo back at Davidson, he appeared on the show where the seemingly ideological opposites seemed to have buried the hatchet, joking back at Davidson. 

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