Let's get some things straight about women in the military

Elizabeth Howe
March 20, 2019 - 12:22 pm
Female Engagement Team Marines pose atop an M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank turret after completing training

Photo courtesy of DVIDS

We get it. The female role in the military is evolving. Maybe you're having a hard time keeping up with what exactly being a female in the military is like. 

Let us clarify some things for you. 

MYTH: Women can't do everything men can do in the military.

TRUTH: All military roles — including combat roles — officially opened to women in 2015 under Defense Secretary Ash Carter

Also, women have served in combat-related roles in the military for as long as the country has existed.

MYTH: Women just don't have the aggressive, violent mindset needed to be an asset to military lethality. #tipofthespear #twistedsteelsexappeal

TRUTH: Human brains can't be categorized into two distinct classes: male brain/female brain. A man's mindset is not inherently more aggressive than a woman's. #sorrynotsorry

MYTH: Women can't/don't serve in special operations capacities. 

TRUTH: You guessed it — they can and do.

We haven't seen the first female SEAL (yet), but women have been and will continue to serve in vital support roles within special operations communities from ARSOF to MARSOC. Ever heard of the Angel of Death

MYTH: Males will divert from the mission to rescue or protect a female peer because ... "biology." 

TRUTH: Males and females in the military are trained to complete the mission — which means protecting both their comrades and their country.

This myth feels like a moot one to us. Since when is rescuing and protecting a peer not part of the mission — for males or females?

Also, if a man is that easily distracted by a female in the field — that sounds like the man's problem to us. 

MYTH: Not that many women serve in the military

TRUTH: More than 2 million veterans are women. That's almost a tenth of the veteran population. 280,000 served in Operations Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom, and New Dawn.

MYTH: Women are too physically weak for the battlefield.

TRUTH: Women are capable of achieving the same physical standards as men. 

Also, females can outperform the top males in certain physical activities like endurance running. 

Also, you obviously must not have seen the women trying out for the Warrior Fitness Team. Here you go.

MYTH: Women in the military create sexual tension that leads to harassment, assaults, and rape.

TRUTH: Being a rapist leads to rape. Period.

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