Win/Win: Go to a fight with Randy Couture AND help vets!

Eric Dehm
September 06, 2018 - 11:16 am

Photo courtesy MVP - Merging Vets and Players

For MMA fans, getting airfare to an event, a hotel room and cageside seats for $10 would be a dream come true. Getting all that and watching those fights sitting next to MMA legend, and Army vet, Randy Couture... well that's just crazy talk, right? 


Merging Vets and Players, a non-profit working to help military veterans adjust to post-service life is offering a chance to win all that, and more, for a minimum $10 donation. And we're not talking about some small-time event. No, this is for the Bellator event on September 26th headlined by the Rory MacDonald Vs. Gegard Mousasi Middleweight title fight and the fourth go-around between fan-favorites Rampage Jackson and Wanderlei Silva. The deadline for entry into the contest is Friday, Sept. 14th. 

Couture, a member of the MVP leadership team alongside Green Beret/NFL vet Nate Boyer and national sports broadcaster Jay Glazer, tells he's looking forward to meeting the winner, and hopes it's someone who wants the insider knowledge you can only get from a man with 30 fights, and 5 UFC championship belts on his résumé.

"That's the fun of it," Couture said during an appearance on the Morning Briefing radio show. "We, as fighters, see details and things that a lot of people don't catch and so I'm gonna kinda shed some light on that and what that experience is like. Walking out of that tunnel and up into a cage in front of 20,000-plus people is a unique experience and we'll be up close and personal, right at the corral, and as close to the cage as you can get. It's gonna be a bird's eye view and it's gonna be a lot of fun." 

U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class William Phillips

Couture is passionate about and proud of his work with MVP. With his experience including six years in the Army (he was an Air Traffic controller and member of the Army wrestling team) and over a decade as a professional athlete, he says he knows firsthand how similar the issues faced by veterans of those communities are.

"A lot of times when we're done we strip all that away and we try to assimilate back into the civilian world we start to feel broken, we start to feel weird and different," Couture said. "Getting around folks that speak the same languauge, that have experienced the same things and changing that narrative, making these guys realize they are not broken. They are special. There are very few people that can do the things that they've done in this world. To me, that makes them special."

The full interview with Randy Couture focusing on his Army career, transition to civilian life, involvement with MVP and the upcoming Bellator event is available below. To download and listen later, click Share and select Download from the available options. 

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