CBS Eye on Veterans: Montel Williams, Sgt. the Army screwed and Special K nasal spray?

Eye on Veterans
April 24, 2020 - 3:46 pm
Military Makeover hosts Montel Williams Art Edmonds, Sgt Ricardo Branch vs US Army and the club drug that treats depression

On this episode of CBS Eye on Veterans:

Special K for depression? COVID problems at VA?

Libby Howe discusses the club drug nasal spray used for depression, and Abiie Bennett reports on PPE at VA

Defense reporter Libby Howe and Eye on Veterans host Phil Briggs discuss Spravato, the nasal spray prescribed for depression and its key ingredient, ketamine aka the club drug "Special K." Connecting Vets Capitol Hill reporter Abbie Bennett also shares reports from workers at VA Medical Centers who describe shortages of critical equipment as they continue to face COVID-19 cases. 

DoD follows VA's lead, approves controversial ketamine-based antidepressant

As death toll rises, concern over VA medical staff and protective equipment continues


The Sgt the Army screwed ... twice!

Sgt Ricardo Branch was punished by the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment for ... doing his job.

Army Sgt. Ricardo Branch was kicked out of the Army ... and it was all because he tried to do the right thing? Special Forces veteran and journalist, Jack Murphy brings us the dramatic story about a public affairs soldier, the famed 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment and how the U.S. Army has apparently screwed this soldier twice.  

The Army is forcibly discharging this soldier for the second time because he did his job


Military Makeover wants YOU!

Military Makeover hosts Montel Williams Art Edmonds
Military Makeover

We go behind the scenes of Military Makeover on Lifetime with show hosts, Art Edmonds, and TV talk show icon, Montel Williams. Edmonds shared what it was like working with the late Gunny R. Lee Ermey. And the always quotable former naval officer Montel Williams talked about coronavirus, working with WWE Superstar Lacey Evans and how viewers can help a military/veteran family receive a home renovation through the "Tag a Hero" initiative. 


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