MilSpin: veteran brothers who offer high-grade metal products

Jake Hughes
June 21, 2018 - 2:42 pm

(Image courtesy of MilSpin)


Fidget spinners were a fad for years. Everyone from kids to the elderly loved playing with them. But when the fad dies down, how does a company survive? Simple: they make more, higher-quality products.

MilSpin got its start when Marine veterans and brothers Chet and Dane Peters were attending the University of Ohio. Chet was studying mechanical engineering, while Dane studied civil engineering. Chet got an internship at a local company that made custom vehicles. While there, he realized that he could find and sell parts to the company at a much cheaper rate than what they were paying now. After a while, they began machining the parts in house. However, when the machines weren't making parts for cars, they were just sitting there. "We sort of saw the light when we found out ho much more productive we could be when we had the ability to cut metal," says Dane. And so, MilSpin was born.

Soon, the brothers found an idea: fidget spinners. With the help of a couple of partners, they began selling the spinners. They would machine them in house, and engrave them with military insignia, made custom for each buyer. "People saw them as a sort of challenge coin. A way to tell your entire military career with the 6 points of engraving," says Chet. "We definitely caught lightning in a bottle with the spinners, and it allowed us to branch out into other products."

While they still sell custom spinners, they also sell a wide range of product:  hats with metal patches, bottle openers and coasters, and even accessories for Glock pistols. What truly sets MilSpin apart from competitors is that they use no lasers in their engravings. "Lasers just scratch the surface. Every one of our products is engraved with the C&C machines we make them with," says Chet. "It's a deep, ingrained cut that you can feel, and will never fade away."

For more information about MilSpin, visit their website.

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