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Eye on Veterans
September 20, 2018 - 1:03 pm

Looking for a home to own or rent is a difficult process. Same goes for selling one. This is something members of the military and veterans know all too well as we tend to move every few years. Dave Gran certainly knows it. 

The retired Marine was still serving when a conversation with his father about the difficulties of building real estate equity on active duty led him to look for a website that could help. There wasn't one; not until Gran created the real estate advertising website in 2000 while serving on active duty. He moved to running the site full-time once he retired.

"Our goal is to help military families find homes when they're moving, and advertise for sale or for rent homes that they have at their current duty station," Gran said during an appearance on the Morning Briefing radio show. "And basically just try to reduce that stress of the PCS move by helping military families connect with one another during a pretty stressful and financially impactful time in their military life."

Along with military families facing PCS moves every few years, Gran says the site can be of great use to veterans who choose to remain in the area of their last duty station or move back to their favorite location. Regardless of what category you're in, Gran has seen just about everything then it comes to real estate sales and has a suggestion for anyone looking to buy a house.

"If you're gonna buy, think about your exit strategy before you buy your dream house," Gran said. "Like 'In 3 years am I going to be able to sell this house?' If you think you can't sell it, you gotta say 'will I be able to rent it?'... What I recommend to everybody is number one, make sure you know your exit strategy before you buy. Number two, if you do buy, consider buying the smallest house in the best neighborhood you feel comfortable in."

You can hear the full interview with MilitaryByOwner founder Dave Gran below. To listen later, click Share and select Download.

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