Military Talent Partners mentors you to your future

Elizabeth Howe
October 30, 2018 - 9:28 am

Photo courtesy of Military Talent Partners

Founder of Military Talent Partners, Natalie Oliverio, knows first hand how difficult transitioning from military service to the civilian world can be.

“I had a really difficult transition,” Oliverio, a Navy veteran, said. “And for someone like me who’s super extroverted, always positive, to feel so isolated and alone throughout my transition — that feeling and experience never leaves you. It never left me.”

Oliverio was working as a corporate recruiter when she started focusing her job placement efforts on veterans. She started volunteering as a veteran mentor and soon found herself spending 40 hours a week working with her mentees.

“It was basically another full time job. But I fell in love with it. It came natural to me, and I got such good results for the people I worked with,” said Oliverio. “It empowered me to build this company.”

Oliverio left her corporate job and became a veteran entrepreneur.

“Military Talent Partners is unique in that we are completely centered around mentorship,” Oliverio said. “We offer free mentorship and coaching to veterans, transitioning military regardless of how long they’ve been out; enlisted, officer, military spouses and Gold Star family members.”

Military Talent Partners offers interview prep, resume-writing and career planning to make sure veterans have the knowledge and skills they need to win the positions they want. And MTP profits by working with partner businesses across the United States.

“We help them hire more military talent, more veterans, more military spouses,” Oliverio said. “Small, medium, large companies. It doesn’t matter. Industry doesn’t matter. We work with everyone. And we customize our approach to fit the company’s model. We don’t have a fancy algorithm or one size fits all approach. We acclimate to the business and help them in the way they need to be helped in order to bring on these incredible veterans and spouses.”

Since starting Military Talent Partners, Oliverio’s company has filled more than 3,000 jobs with a 98 percent placement rate.

It’s no surprise that, when asked what her best piece of advice would be for transitioning military, Oliverio suggested a finding a mentor.

“It’s absolutely to get a mentor. Not a military mentor — a civilian mentor who’s been out for a while, who has some different experiences to bring to the table. That’s somebody who can quiet all the noise of the sea of advice that’s constantly flowing around us. They can tailor their message to you, meet you where you are, wherever that is, and mentor you to where you want to go.”

And, if Oliverio is any indication, that experience can be just as rewarding for the mentor as it is for the veteran.

“Nothing can compare to getting a phone call from a veteran or a spouse I’ve worked with that says ‘I just got the job. My life is changed. I am so excited. Thank you so much,’” Oliverio said. “That feeling is indescribable. I would equate it to ten Christmas mornings.”

Military Talent Partners is searching for veterans they can help find jobs and businesses to help hire veterans. To get involved visit the Military Talent Partners website.