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10 military and veteran YouTube channels you need to know about

August 15, 2019 - 9:32 am

Jackie Aina

“I did this makeup tutorial years ago on how to wear makeup in regulation, what I wanted to basically show is that look — people in the Army are normal people just like you,” she said in an interview. Before becoming a full-time YouTube and beauty influencer with more than three million subscribers, Jackie Aina was an Army Reservist. 

Don Shipley

If you’re out there impersonating a service member, you don’t want to run into Don Shipley. This retired Navy SEAL senior chief uses his YouTube platform to out the stolen valor phonies of the world. But when he’s not outing fake service members on the internet, he helps real service members with his project, Warriors Rest, where he offers wounded warriors outdoor fishing and hunting excursions.

Yusha Thomas

You might have seen Yusha Thomas’ YouTube character, “Drill Sergeant Backbone” go viral on Facebook. This Army veteran makes entertaining and funny videos about military life from waking up for PT to going back to college as a veteran.

Ranger Up

You might see a military parody of The Notebook or commentary from veterans on the latest news in Bad News Network. Ranger Up isn’t just a YouTube channel but an online community for service members and veterans alike. Plus, they also sell cool T-shirts.

Savannah Glembin

Yes, female Marines wear makeup. For those that might find it shocking, or are just surprised that service members have a life outside of the military, check out Savannah Glembin. Whether it’s dual military relationship advice, workout plans, or just documenting a night out with friends, she offers a glimpse at what life is like for her as a Marine.

Drew Hernandez, A Combat Veteran

Veterans will make a joke out of anything and Drew Hernandez uses the humor in his videos to make light of his own military experience. Whether it’s trolling military spouses or infantry soldiers, his channel will remind you about what it meant to make fun of “embracing the suck.”


If you stopped doing PT when you got out of the military, looking at this Airman’s videos might make you want to run a few laps. His YouTube content has a grown from deployment Q&A’s and advice to prospective recruits to informative videos about workout routines and supplements.

CT Fletcher

Do you want motivation? Check out former Army Ranger CT Fletcher. No, seriously. An experienced powerlifter, CT Fletcher showcases high-tempo workout videos using martial arts, CrossFit and of course, weightlifting.


Dulce Candy is an OG on YouTube. She’s been creating makeup, fashion and lifestyle videos on the site since 2008. She created her first video after a deployment to Iraq and has since grown her platform to more than two million subscribers. 

LIFE UPDATE: Turning 31, Adoption, New Life New Hair | Dulce Candy VLOGLIFE UPDATE: Turning 31, Adoption, New Life New Hair | Dulce Candy VLOGLIFE UPDATE: Turning 31, Adoption, New Life New Hair | Dulce Candy VLOG

Austen Alexander

From breaking down the truth about military paychecks to the weird stuff that happens when you live on a vessel, Austen Alexander offers an in-depth look at this life as a sailor.

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