Did a Marine Corps veteran capture Bigfoot in this photograph?

Phil Briggs
March 27, 2020 - 4:10 pm
Marine Corps veteran captured an image of what some believe to be the mysterious Bigfoot


It all started when Marine Corps veteran Billy Humphrey noticed something was eating the feed he put out near his deer stand in the Appalachian mountain region of West Virginia. 

"I used to take 50 pounds bags of apple corn up there to feed the deer and fatten them up for the wintertime," said Humphrey. "But when I went back up there one day, my deer blind was crushed and four 50 pound bags of corn were gone.  Not just tore up gone and scattered everywhere ... but the packages, the bags, and some peanut butter were just gone."

Is this a picture of Bigfoot in the Appalachian mountain region of West Virginia ?

Despite the unusual way the items disappeared, Humphrey, who spent years working in a USMC K9 unit, said he still suspected it was a bear or even the raccoons he had watched on his deer camera days before. So one evening he decided to head up there, mount a mining light high on a tree and quietly view the area from his blind.

"The first night I sat up there, I texted my wife and said, it's really eerie up here. Then I  would say within the hour,  I heard something coming from the backside of my blind ... and it was heavy, not like a bear or a deer ... and it ended up standing behind my blind for a while. Then as it walked toward my house I saw its silhouette ... so this thing had to be at least 8, 8 and a half feet." 

However, after that nervous encounter, Humphrey was still convinced that it was most likely just a bear. 

Determined to find the truth, he decided to return to the spot, only this time he brought his wife Sheena.  After securing them both safely inside the blind, he said he was getting his crossbow set up when the unimaginable happened.

"We'd been in there about 15 minutes when she goes, 'Oh my God, there he is!' ... I didn't believe her so I said 'Who?' ... and she said 'Bigfoot!' I still didn't believe her ... but when I looked up, he was looking right at me. And the thing that was so intriguing about this thing, was not only his size but the fact that I've never seen a Bigfoot picture that had the blonde hair under his eyes. He had lighter hair under his eyes and nose."

Although stunned by their encounter, Humphrey managed to grab his cell phone just in time to take a photo. "I picked it up, swiped it and aimed it toward him as he was turning ... If you look at the picture, you can see his face and forearm ... and he's already started swaying the turn."

Billy Humphrey's photo of what some believe is Bigfoot

Though the photo isn't exactly high res, and slightly out of focus, Humphrey described what the photo reveals when zoomed all the way in.

"If you look you can see the cone-shaped head, the light part of his eyes, the barrel part of his chest and if you look a bit lower you can see where he has his forearm bent as he's turning."

Humphrey also described a sound he heard as the creature disappeared back into the dense West Virginia forest.

"It's hard to explain, but this thing let out a howl, or a woot ... and it was so loud, almost like if you have a car that goes by you that's blaring its system and you can feel the bass.  You could feel the power in that."

Initially, Humphrey feared sharing his photographs would result in ridicule from the general public. But, since this encounter, researchers and journalists such as those from the West Virginia Explorer have reached out to Humphrey, all wanting to sincerely document his experience. He has shown them the area where it occurred and even taken them to what he believes are footprints left by the creature.

Marine veteran Billy Humphrey photographed what some believe are Bigfoot prints in the woods of southern West Virginia.

For Humphrey, who was previously a Bigfoot skeptic, this experience has left him a changed man. "I went not believing in some mythical creature to seeing one physically. It's completely flipped my life." 

As the seasons change and the crisp fall air eventually returns later this year, one can only wonder if the creature Humphrey captured in that grainy cell phone photo will return too.


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