WATCH: This Marine thought he'd miss boot camp graduation for an ER trip, the hospital staff had other plans

Elizabeth Howe
August 12, 2019 - 10:07 am

Photo courtesy of Missy Wooten


When Micah Wooten had to make a trip to the emergency room the morning of graduation from Marine Corps Boot Camp at Parris Island, his mother felt the long-anticipated day had taken a turn for the worse — until hospital staff stepped in. 

Wooten was transported to Beaufort Memorial Hospital ER via ambulance the morning of August 2, 2019. A medical issue had arisen and minor surgery was necessary — but it meant missing Marine Corps Boot Camp graduation. 

"He was graduating from Marine Corps Bootcamp today," Wooten's mother Missy wrote in a Facebook post on the hospital's page. "The staff was amazing from the ER all the way to the OR."

The staff had all signed a graduation card for Micah and got him a small stone cross to carry with him. They lined the halls outside of post-operation and played the Marines Hymn. They clapped, cheered, and thanked him for his service. 

"As a mom who has been away from her son for 13 very long weeks, awaiting this day to be reunited, only to have this day take a complete turn, these staff members absolutely made it all better! Shouting a huge 'thank you' from the rooftops! This mama's heart is so full right now," Missy Wooten wrote.

Beaufort Memorial Hospital shared Miss Wooten's post saying the staff did "the best they could to recognize this young man's hard work" and "bring him the graduation he was missing."

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