Veteran carries fellow Marine, double amputee up Utah mountain range

Kaylah Jackson
August 27, 2019 - 12:34 pm
Marine carries fellow veteran up Mt. Timpanogos hike in Utah

(Photo courtesy of Phil Capser/Facebook)

Service members are never supposed to leave a battle buddy behind. Phil Casper witnessed this himself on his way down Mount Timpanogos in Utah on Saturday. During his descent, he passed by two Marines making their trek up the mountain.

He noticed not only that they were service members, but one was carrying the other, a double amputee, on his back.

Casper captured the moment on video and posted it on his Facebook page saying, “They served our country together in the armed forces before one of them became disabled as a result of his service. They sought no special attention.”

Mt. Timpanogos reaches 11,749 feet and is the second-highest summit of the Wasatch Mountains in Utah.

Casper later updated his video saying the pair of Marines completed the summer later that evening.

Semper Fi, Marines!

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