This marijuana company is giving veterans a discount on CBD

Matt Saintsing
February 13, 2018 - 12:44 pm

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Not everyone uses cannabidiol (CBD), and that’s okay. But, if you’re a veteran that partakes, or if you’re thinking about trying it, now is the perfect time, thanks to discounts on the oil through HempMeds.

Veterans who shop at the HempMeds online store will receive a 15 percent discount on all purchases, along with free shipping.

"We view all of our customers as heroes who are helping us spread the important message of the potential health and wellness benefits of CBD," said Medical Marijuana, Inc. CEO, Dr. Stuart Titus.

HempMeds is a subsidiary of Medical Marijuana, Inc., the nation’s first publically traded cannabis company.

"Veterans are an entirely different type of hero, not only because they have risked their lives for the safety of Americans, but also because they have protected our right to spread awareness about CBD as a supplement and the many uses of cannabis and hemp."

In 2016 alone, more than 42,000 Americans died from opioid overdoses, and a 2011 study found that veterans are twice as likely to succumb to opioids compared to the general population. Doctors prescribe opioids for chronic pain, an ailment that is especially pronounced among veterans.

VA clinics have implemented various practices like yoga, meditation, and even acupuncture as opioid alternatives, but a growing chorus of veterans believe marijuana products can help.

In December, the VA loosened the rules stating “veteran participation in state marijuana programs does not affect eligibility for VA care and services.” New VA guidance in December, directs VA doctors and pharmacists to discuss how marijuana impacts other areas of care, including pain management or post-traumatic stress (PTS).

CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it doesn’t get patients high, as it’s derived from a part of the marijuana plant that doesn’t contain high levels of the psychoactive compound THC. That makes CBD preferable to patients who wish to treat medical conditions without feeling the full force of recreational marijuana.

Since CBD is a natural component of hemp oil, the company is able to grow and sell several hemp-based products becuase it is not in violation of the United States Controlled Substances Act.

Cannabis legalization has blossomed in recent years, and CBD use is growing nation-wide. Last week, the Virginia legislature voted unanimously to allow medical doctors prescribe the oil.

In a statement, Medical Marijuana, Inc. said they are “honored to offer this discount to those who have fought for the wellbeing and safety of United States citizens.”