Luxury car company's technician program gives veterans a chance to work under the hood of BMWs

Matt Saintsing
January 18, 2018 - 3:37 pm

(Photo By Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY)


There are few things more satisfying in life than rolling up your sleeves and getting to work. For many of us, that’s maybe why we joined the military in the first place.

As you transition back to civilian life, you may be thinking of a new career but want to continue a life around grease and horsepower—there’s a new program just for that.

BMW recently announced the launch of a new program aimed at training veterans to work in BMW, MINI or BMW Motorrad dealerships.

“We’re now taking this to the next level by tapping into a group of candidates who fully understand what it means to serve – the men and women of the US Military,” said Bernard Kuhnt, CEO of BMW USA.

“The US Military provides a source of highly trained men and women who are experienced on some of the world’s most sophisticated technologies. They are highly focused and goal oriented, and this is the exact mindset and skills that the BMW Group and our dealers are looking for.”

The Military Service Technician Education Program (MSTEP), will officially launch with the first pilot group in February, and will expand, pending its results. The program is modeled after BMW’s 16 week course that provides hands-on training for future BMW technicians.

Upon finishing the course, graduates are placed at one of the 624 BMW, MINI, and Motorrad dealers nationwide.

The MSTEP program will set up special training at some U.S. military bases. The first of its kind will open at the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendelton in California.

“We believe that hiring veterans makes good business sense,” Kuhnt continued. “The experience and character they bring is invaluable to us and our customers, and we are honored for the opportunity to work with them.”