LIVE: Eagles stand watch over their eaglets, undaunted by winter blast

Phil Briggs
March 21, 2018 - 6:01 pm


WASHINGTON — Perched high above D.C., a pair of bald eagles are showing us why they are totally bad ass and deserve to be the symbols of American democracy. 

Since January, Mom and Dad, Liberty and Justice, have been hard at work protecting and incubating their two eggs in an oak tree near D.C. Police Department Training Academy in Southeast D.C.

Under the watch of the Earth Conservation Corps, a nonprofit organization, the initial “pip,” a term for when an eaglet starts pecking through an egg, was heard late last week. The official arrival of the lucky eaglet came early morning on St Patrick's Day and has been temporarily named ECC3.

The drama continues to unfold live on two different webcams.


Then, on the eve of Washington D.C.'s fiercest snowstorm of the year, the sibling, ECC4 hatched.

Now as the region remains blanketed by snow, Liberty and Justice take turns standing watch over their newborns and hunting for food.

Any classroom that helps the ECC with the Citizen Science Eagle Database (where the ECC documents how Liberty and Justice spend their time) will get to help name the eaglets in late March. 

Considering the weather, and the time of year they arrived, we suggest Lucky and Blizzard.

As for the parents, Liberty and Justice, their sheer dedication in the face of an icy winter blast, is enough to make every American proud.

Here are a few more images from the web cam.

ECC web cam


ECC webcam