LinkedIn relaunches their veterans program to include military spouses

Kaylah Jackson
June 11, 2018 - 11:09 am

Photo courtesy of LinkedIn®

Landing a stable job is just one of the many obstacles military spouses take on but LinkedIn ® wants to make it easier for military husbands and wives to find career success.

With 25 percent of employed spouses working multiple jobs and 82 percent desiring a permanent position, the prominent professional network is expanding their  "Military and Veterans Programs" to include the military spouse community. 

Think of LinkedIn ® as an online extension of your professional network. You can upload your resume, follow and connect with potential employers and even join your alumni community. And with their new program launch, military spouses can tap into these benefits and more with premium access.

Currently, service members can benefit from a one-year premium subscription from LinkedIn ® which offers added benefits like learning courses and job insights. Now, military spouses can utilize the same premium benefits for every year that they PCS.

From over 12,000 high-focused learning courses and a specialized military spouse group, the career platform wants to ensure that both employers and spouses, themselves know how valuable they are to the job market.

To learn more about LinkedIn’s military spouse learning path, click here. For more information about LinkedIn ® Premium click here.

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