Veteran’s dying wish: To find his lost dog

Matt Saintsing
February 12, 2019 - 11:02 am

Photo Courtesy of Jacki Scaturro


As a disabled veteran was rushed to the hospital, his best friend, Murphy-- a Belgian Malinois--ran after the ambulance in the Las Vegas heat. 

That was three months ago and Murphy's been missing ever since. But now, Morris Collins, 72, an Army veteran who is dying from esophageal cancer, has one last wish to be reunited with his beloved pooch.  

And he's getting help from his neighbor, Las Vegas resident Jacki Scaturro who told KSNV Channel 3 News that Murphy has a special place in Collins' heart as he thwarted a crime, saving his owner's life. 

“My neighbor was putting groceries in his car, and somebody went to carjack him, and Murphy stopped him,” said Scaturro. 


Photo Courtesy of Jacki Scaturro

Collins who served in the Army from 1968 to 1971, will soon be in hospice care. Scaturro says his dying wish is to have Murphy by his side. 

“Bringing Murphy back home to him even in the short time that he has left, it’ll mean everything to him,” she says. “I just want to bring him home.” 

Scaturro launched a Facebook page to help find Murphy. If you see him or have any information, Scaturro asks that you contact her at 702-862-0622. 

 “He’s mostly brown with a black face and black paws,” Scaturro told the station. 

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