Black History Month: The veterans who changed music forever!

Eye on Veterans
February 07, 2020 - 4:04 pm
The US Army's Harlem Hellfighters, Jimi Hendrix, Ice-T and Navy veteran MC Hammer changed music forever


In this episode of CBS Eye on Veterans we honor Black History Month by looking at the intersection of military veterans and music:

Jason Moran, Artistic Director for Jazz at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts shares the story of how the US Army's “Harlem Hellfighters” and their iconic leader James Reese Europe performed in France during WWI and ended up introducing the world to jazz.

The 369th Infantry aka The Harlem Hellfighters was a unit of musicians led by James Reese Europe were pioneers of ragtime and jazz.
US Army


Army veteran and podcast host Rod Rodriguez shares the story of when Jimi Hendrix was a soldier in the Army.

Voodoo Child veteran: The story of Private Jimi Hendrix

Reporter Rod Rodriguez shares the story of when Jimi Hendrix was in the Army

And Eye on Veterans host, Phil Briggs, examines the veterans who revolutionized hip-hop; actor and musician Ice-T and the legendary MC Hammer.

MC Hammer is a Navy veteran and Ice T is an Army veteran
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