#IWasWrong: Veterans acknowledge culture of misogyny in the military

Matt Saintsing
April 18, 2018 - 1:45 pm

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A new hashtag emerged on social media that seeks to reconcile what some veterans are calling a "culture of sexual violence and victim blaming" in the military, and calls on others to admit past wrongdoings in hopes of changing the toxic culture for women in the military. 

Veterans are sounding off by using #IWasWrong to own up to past offenses that cultivated a misogynistic and sexist military environment where women service members were treated unequally. It's unclear when this hashtag began being used by veterans to clear the air about their past experiences with sexism in the military, but on Tuesday The Warax, a parody twitter account that purports to "speak for all veterans," began a twitter thread that called his own sexism into question. 

Some say that their gender bias against women unfairly impacted their military careers. 

The hashtag isn't limited to men, some women are also admitting past transgressions to women in the military. 

Why are they admitting this? Some say it's because they can only change the future by being honest about the past.