International Delight's $150K donation to Pets for Vets will help vets and pups

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June 07, 2019 - 5:19 pm
A veteran family with their dog, matched up through Pets For Vets

Photo courtesy Pets For Vets


Pets for Vets is a non-profit that trains rescue and shelter dogs to become companion animals for veterans. International Delight is one of the biggest players in the coffee creamer industry, rescuing bad cups of coffee with a variety of flavored creamers. Other than the word rescue, at first glance, the two would seem to have little in common. But a partnership between the two shows they're a match made in heaven. 

In May, International Delight made a $150,000 donation to the non-profit. International Delight spokesperson Jessica Strouse says the company loves what Pets for Vets does, and hopes the donation will make a significant difference for an organization they believe in. 

"We're really doing this to help them expand their mission and connect more service animals with returning veterans," Strouse said. "This stems from a desire to acknowledge the service of our nation's brave military personnel and really support them via a cause that's all about hugs and companionship." 

Clarissa Black, Founder of Pets for Vets says the money will go a long way towards allowing the organization to continue to grow. 

"It's going to allow us to make more super bonds across the country, as well as train more trainers cross the country to continue what we're doing," Black said. "I think it will help us expand to other parts of the country. We do have 25 chapters across the country right now, but we do hope to keep expanding. And I think this partnership is going to be a huge part of that."

Traveling with a service dog just got a little more complicated

Along with the 6-figure donation, International Delight will also be bringing attention to Pets for Vets by placing the non-profit's logo on their limited edition summer flavors.

You can hear the full interview with Clarissa Black and Jessica Strouse below.

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