Discharged for combat injury?  You may be due more money.

Chas Henry
August 05, 2018 - 2:07 pm

For some vets whose combat injuries forced them out of the ranks without retirement benefits, X marks the spot.  Specifically, IRS Form 1040X.  Filing that form will allow an estimated 133,000 veterans recoup taxes that were improperly withheld from their disability severance payments.

The Internal Revenue Service has issued instructions to help veterans claim money they were underpaid if they were discharged because of injury during a period that began January 17, 1991 and continued until the problem was corrected very recently.

Defense Department leaders have promised to send letters to veterans eligible for the refund.  The IRS instructions offer filing directions to those who receive written notice -- and those who don't receive a letter from the DoD but believe they are eligible for the refund.

It’s important that impacted veterans act quickly to claim the rebate.  For most, the opportunity to retrieve the money will expire one year from the date they are notified.